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“’s obvious that there are easily enough people out there who care about food and farming and all the things that go with them – aesthetics, justice, way of life, wildlife – to form a critical mass that could change the whole world absolutely and forever. So why don’t they?”  Colin Tudge




In his latest book, “Good Food For Everyone Forever”, our friend and customer Colin Tudge graphically describes how the relationship between humanity and the planet has been critically polluted by the politico-corporate lust for power. He not only shows how vitally urgent it is for this relationship to be healed, but outlines a commonsense plan for doing so. Organic farming, as things stand now, is crucial to this strategy.


Worton Organic Garden is our way of “being the change we want to see.” It is where we, David and Anneke Blake, live and work, and where we nurture diversity – often by trying things out, and sometimes by simply encouraging the plants and creatures that arrive on their own.  We like to think the garden is our practical contribution towards a healthier, fairer and more beautiful world.


This website not only showcases our diverse produce, but forms an invitation to all of you, our other friends and customers, to get more hands-on in changing the world whether it’s campaigning, educating, volunteering, – or just shopping, one beautiful carrot at a time.


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