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We are now selling our own home made Organic bread.

Rye Sourdough, White & Wholemeal Sourdough, and every week another Special.



Every fourth Sunday of the month our friend and fisherman Jack from Selsey Shellfish pays us a visit with his catch of the day. He arrives around 2.30pm, after the Wolvercote Market, so you might get a bargain!



The art of eating well


Our shop is where we get to exhibit the fruits (and vegetables) of our labours. We love the  way they look: the colours, forms and textures are all appealing before you even sniff them, and as for the taste!


Our range of vegetables is enormous. We try new things every year and buy our seeds from a wide range of suppliers. The diversity of the British population, with origins in Asia, Africa and the Americas as well as all over Europe, creates a very exciting customer base for us because they’re so open to foreign influences. Food is a natural lingua franca, and we reckon we speak ‘vegetable’ best.

We grow things on special request, and love to introduce people to new colours, textures and flavours. It’s always immensely rewarding to see their faces light up with curiosity, or admiration!


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